Sunday, 3 January 2016

♥ Lolita Lifestyle Challenge - Day 3! ♥ ~ A Friend's Wishlist ~


One of the things that we often get sidetracked by is the fact that we are a "lolita couple"; we wear lolita together, we go to meets together, we get asked to hang out together. We share a wardrobe! We buy things that we think will fit both of us and both of us borrow each other's . . . well, everything, to be honest. 

So it makes sense that we know exactly what each other wants, that we link each other to items we've been looking for when we're in separate places looking up, when we search things out specifically . . . we have pretty similar taste, but we don't have exactly the same taste. 

Probably most of you recognize this dress; it's AP's Toy Parade JSK in mint! Here's the thing; Haz loves elephants. She collects them, she loves them, she squeals over them daily. So it makes sense that she would have a desperate need to own an AP dress with toy elephants all over it! She's also been adding a lot more mint to her wardrobe, so having it in mint would be perfect for her . . . and also, it fitting well would be a bonus! So during my *cough cough* weekly* wunderwelt searchings, when i came across this dress for under £100, it was as if all of the lolita Gods had conspired to make Haz's day a good one. 

We umm-ed and ahh-ed about buying it for a while (as someone does when they're going to drop a lot of money at once!) but eventually bit the bullet - and it was so exciting when it got here! Plus, she looks adorable in it, and that's what's important, right?

In the same order, I also found Classic Melody, which is one of my dream dresses - violins and music notes? Yes please! It doesn't quite fit the theme because Haz didn't find it for me, but she did pay for it, and that is just as important in the grand scheme of keeping your wardrobe full of desired dresses!

As well as each other, we keep an eye out for things for our friends too (at least, when we remember!). A couple of things we're always on the look out for are music themed prints - especially chocolate and music themed prints together! - and a couple of other specific dresses that we've heard people mention!

Another thing we do is remember who sometimes comments on a post after it's already been sold, and if we see it being sold again try and let them know! It's so nice to help someone get their dream items and then see them enjoying it!


♥Haz & Nat♥

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