Saturday, 2 January 2016

♥ Lolita Lifestyle Challenge - Day 2! ♥ ~ Loli-able Museums in the Local Area! ~

This is one we've actually done a lot! Both of us love museums and as we were originally in a long-distance relationship/friendship, the first time Haz came down to Hull we made an attempt to squeeze in as many of the museums and sights as possible in a two week period! It's honestly not that many though, Hull isn't actually very big!

The first picture is from East Park, which whilst not actually entirely a museum, has a few historic places to visit as well as being really pretty and a good location just to hang around for a few hours! There's an animal sanctuary area, various historical things to read about, and a lot of green space to wander around and explore! We've always meant to hold a lolita meet there but never quite gotten around to it - maybe this year? Who knows!

The second picture (featuring an outfit not at all lolita but with a cute Bodyline sailor dress we used to own!) is from the Hull Transport Museum/Streetlife Museum. This one is in the "Museums Quarter" which also has a Museum of Life and Wilberforce House (the house that William Wilberforce lived in); all of them have varying degrees of interest - my personal favourite thing in museums is interactivity, which none of them have too much of - but they all do offer lots of cute places to take photos in! We've actually been to a lolita meet aimed at doing the museums!

Also in Hull is The Deep, which markets itself as the "World's Only Submarium"! They have a lot of sea creatures - including penguins, which we haven't had a chance to visit yet. It's definitely one of the places that tourists visit when they come to Hull, but it's still very pretty and there's quite a lot to do when you're wandering around.

The second picture is from my favourite museum in Hull, the Hands On History museum! Unfortunately, it's now closed most of the time and only open on some Saturdays out of a month, but it was very interactive and a lot of fun to explore. There were various old-fashioned toys, an old-fashioned schoolroom, and lots of things hidden around to find out about. 

There are a few places in Hull I didn't mention above; there's the Holy Trinity Church, which you can go around to look at the beautiful architecture. There's also a whaling museum and an Art Gallery, both of which we've been to but I don't have any pictures to share, unfortunately! There's also a dinosaur themed museum here, but we've both heard it's not worth the money it costs to get in and probably won't be going to it!

A brief mention to the fact that, seeing as Hazel lived in and her family still live in Bristol, we have been there a few times (and are planning on going there again in a few days!) so we looked up a few places to go and things to do in Bristol; we're hoping to go to the zoo and also to go to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm! Last time we were in Bristol we took a day trip to Bath and went to the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum (which I loved!). 

Also, allow me to leave you with a photo we took during a London day trip in which we visited the V&A Museum of Childhood, which whilst not very interactive has so much to look at and think about! We personally spent a lot of time looking into the dollhouses and marvelling at all the beautiful and intricate miniatures. 


♥Haz & Nat♥

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