Tuesday, 10 March 2015

☆ Majikkon Haul! ☆ Prints, Accessories, Mini Wig Review and More!~ *:・゚✧

This past weekend we packed up our little etsy store and headed to Huddersfield for Majikkon! We previously traded at AnimangaPOP! in Bristol and we had so much fun decorating our little table and talking to other vendors and artists that we decided we wanted to do it again. Majikkon was at the University of Huddersfield, and there was a lot going on! As soon as we got there we were shown to our table and set about making it as pink and cute as humanly possible! 

The tablecloth is actually from Tesco and has little bow scalloping all around the bottom; how cute is that? As always, we probably spent just as much as we made (oops!) but everyone else's tables were just so cute and full of pretty things that we couldn't help ourselves! 

The very sweet Wonder Box had a stall in the other section of the vendor's corner, and they were selling little £1 surprise bags! Surprise bags, blind boxes, or anything where you get a mystery gift are definitely weaknesses for both of us, so of course we bought 4 of them! We clipped the little "I Love You" clips to our guest lanyards to make them just that little bit cuter! 

Next to Wonder Box was the adorable Two Days Slow! They had lots of cute handmade jewelry, bows and even bags, but eventually we settled on this little cat rosette. The back is a two-way clip, meaning we can use it as a brooch or a hairclip! And I mean, can you really ever have too many cat-related items? 

Two of the guests who performed on the mainstage (which we had a pretty good view of from our little corner of the vendor's area!) were Kelsey Ellison and the Maids of England maid idol unit! The Maids of England were also running a maid cafe but we were too busy to check it out :c. We got some cute stickers from Kelsey's stall and this Popin Cookin from the M.O.E. stall, which I bought and forgot to check the instructions of, which is terrible seeing as we don't have a microwave! It was the very last one so I had an impulse buy because we've wanted to make a Popin Cookin together for forever! 

These prints and badges are by the very talented Starsqueak! Magical girls are definitely one of our weaknesses, and cute art to put on our walls are always a plus! Above is a Cardcaptor Sakura, a Sailor Moon, and a Bee (and numerous Puppycats!). We also picked up matching Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon badges for some outfits we've been planning to wear together! We also got some little stickers from Starsqueak, but I forgot to include them in this picture! Oops! 

These prints and badges (definitely another weakness for us both!) are by Brogan Coral, whose illustrations are absolutely beautiful! I saw someone carrying around the mini version of the Sailor Moon print, and hunted around every table looking for one! Unfortunately by the time I got there they were sold out of the mini prints, so I picked up the big version (not that I'm complaining!). All of her art was so beautiful, it was difficult to choose between it, but eventually I picked up a mix of spooky, cute and celestial art! The little cat button says "Cute as Heck" and is a perfect description of both of us. 

We also picked up a teeny tiny surprise Sailor Moon figure from AnimUK, the stall next to us! She's so tiny and detailed, although I'm a little sad we didn't get Sailor Moon herself! I guess that means we're just going to have to collect them all! 

This is how we've been displaying business cards we get at conventions, but we're rapidly running out of room! 

Finally, we splurged out and got a wig from Pastel Doll, a stall opposite us whose wares were all absolutely adorable. The girls working on the stall were really lovely and friendly, and we spent a lot of time umming and ahhing over which of their lovely wigs to get! Although a very sweet lavender/mint split wig was a point of debate for a pretty long time, we decided to go for versatility and got a blonde/pink split wig! We wanted to get some little buns to go in it, but they were out of the matching colours, so we're going to have to keep an eye out on their online store! 

The fibres on the wig were very soft and easy to comb through with our fingers for volume, and the eventual gradient between the split was very subtle and pretty! One of my pet peeves with split wigs are super abrupt changes in colour, especially when the colours aren't too far apart to begin with! 

Apologies for the sudden dip in photo quality! The wig when on is super comfy, very lightweight (and adjusts all the way over my uncontrollable mane of hair, which is always a plus for me! I'm one of those people who sometimes orders wigs and they just won't go on! :c ) and most importantly, is super cute! I would definitely recommend getting a wig from Pastel Doll, I think this wig was about £23, which is a really good price for something so well-made and pretty and means you're supporting a UK kawaii business (which is definitely something you want to be doing!). In wake of all of the recent drama with Gothic Lolita Wigs, Pastel Doll is definitely a wonderful alternative! ♥

♥Haz & Nat♥