Friday, 15 August 2014

♥♪ Outfit Post! #1 ♪♥

One of our friends got married last weekend, and we were invited and asked if we would wear lolita! Generally, whether or not lolita is wedding-appropriate can come up as a point of contention - people worry it will take attention away from the bride, or come off as overdressed, or any other number of (perfectly valid!) worries! However, in this case, seeing as we'd been asked specifically, we thought we would risk it! 


Haz wore Cinderella Bunny out for the first time! She felt a little bit more conspicuous than Nat, but it is such a cute dress and feels so cute and princessy to wear that it was definitely worth it!

JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse: Vintage
Kneesocks and Flower Crown: Primark
Acessories: Vintage, gifts and Primark

Haz feels a little bit self-conscious of her arms, so this vintage blouse with pin tucks and a ruffle is perfect for covering up and still being cute! She wore a vintage pearl necklace to match the pearl detailing on the JSK! On the picture above you can also see a cute little vintage ballet shoe brooch - we thought it was appropriate for a ball-themed dress!


I got these shoes and skirt specifically for a wedding and was intending to wear them with my fancy new Bodyline blouse, but was a little worried about wearing too much white, so chose a duskier rose vintage blouse! It has some really cute collar embroidery that I love. I felt a lot more casual than Haz, but also might have went a little bit overboard on the accessory department!

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt, Bag & Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Cute Can Kill, Chocomint, Vintage, Poundland, eBay

I love this cute little Sailor Moon necklace from eBay!

Our place settings at the wedding were really cute! Also, the brownie served with dessert was absolutely the most delicious food!

We had a lot of fun and are so grateful that we were invited to such a special occasion in our friend's life! What would you say is the most special event you've worn lolita for? Haz and I have been talking a lot about having a lolita wedding or a lolita inspired wedding - how do you guys feel about something like that? 

♥Haz & Nat♥

Monday, 4 August 2014

❤ ❤ Instagram Round Up! ❤ ❤

Another month, another Instagram roundup! To be perfectly honest, with the end of college and the sudden onset of the summer holidays and with lots of events coming up, we haven't really had time to go on any adventures! However, being cooped up has lead to us having to find creative ways to spend our energy! And spending a whole ton of money . . . oops! (。◕‿◕。) (A direct quote from Haz: "I can't wait to get back to college so I won't be addicted to eBay anymore!")

First: a little eBay purchase package! We got some glue and jump rings for our business, and then some general cute stuff for our bags! The pens turned out to be very pretty to write with, but ran out almost immediately, which was super sad! Our lovely friend Billie also came over for a day, which was fab!

We attempted to play Disney Trivial Pursuit with Billie, but it did not go to plan! Also, whilst we were gone, Haz turned twenty! I guess we can't call ourselves "teenage lolitas" anymore! :c

We went out to celebrate Billie and Haz's birthday because they only had a day between! We got ice cream sundaes from Baskin Robbins (Nat's had sprinkles and tiny pastel sugar stars in!), shopped around at a few charity shops and altogether had a lovely time! Nat even found these cute Cardcaptor Sakura cards in one of the charity shops for £1.25, which was a super good deal! 

Some portrait shots from that day! Nat wearing a cute seifuku outfit and Cute Can Kill accessories, staringly lovingly at the manga and cards we bought . . . And Haz looking super cute in a flower crown and floral dress, as always! 

Billie and Nat did an art trade and we got this cute little picture of us as lolitas! We've also started buying these Barbie kinder eggs on our late night walks, although we're getting a lot of doubles . . . (๏ㅂ๏)

Another little eBay purchase package! Cat tights and a Sailor Moon necklace, which we can't wait to put together outfits with! We also discovered the "joys" of loom bands, and now we can't stop - Haz likes the fishtail ones best!

A sneak peek at some of the goodies that are hopefully going to be popping up in our online shop very soon! We also treated ourselves to a little pamper session before a local lolita meet, which included Nat trying out Nat's first ever face mask (Nat had a berry one and Haz had a chocolate one; Haz's smelt delicious!). We also picked up these "Dolly's Mixtures" shower gels, which smell super divine and were definitely worth the £1!

A little selfie from the meet! We were helping out at a local festival on a stall making poppies; thus explaining our button-and-tissue-paper crowns! 

That's all for now; we're hoping we'll have some stuff to blog about soon! We're attending a friend's wedding next week and hoping to take some little day trips out before college starts again, so stay tuned for updates with regards to those! What have you been up to recently? 

♥Haz & Nat♥