Wednesday, 14 October 2015

♥ Outfit Post - YCC 8! ♥

Since the last time we wrote on this blog, we've attended 1 convention, several lolita meets, took part in GLISH and moved across the country for university! We've moved from Hull (in the North of England) to Chichester (in the South of England!), which has definitely been a bit of a difference! It's not so intense a culture shock for Haz, who lived in Bristol, but it's certainly been for me! 

We've also attended an International Lolita Day tea party and done a whole musical, but they were in June so appear to instead be two events I chose to skip over!

In August we attended our last Northern convention before we moved down South (although we will be attending Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2016 next summer, which we're very excited about! It will be the first 2-day convention we've ever sold at, we're treating it as a test run before we look at any Big Big conventions!), Yorkshire Cosplay Con 8. 

The problem with being behind a table is definitely balancing looking cute and being practical! We had a friend helping out with our table this time, and she was also wearing lolita, so things did tend to get a little bit poofy around the back. Thankfully, Haz was wearing decora/fairy kei, so we didn't have 3 petticoats to contend with!

My favourite moment of YCC was definitely the 5 minute walk we decided to take around the convention centre, during which we were asked if we would like to take party in an interview for the BBC! We ended up being interviewed for the BBC Radio show "Women's Hour", they spliced together lots of audio clips of other cosplayers and fashionistas to make a whole feature about geeky culture and fashion. I did feel a bit embarrassed when she asked me how much everything I was wearing cost, though!


Mint isn't really a colour we have a lot of in our wardrobe, so I definitely had to improvise! I really like the way that pink and mint compliment each other, so I'm glad that my attempt didn't turn out too horribly! I also went for something new with my wig, in the hopes it would resemble bear ears! It looked very cute at the beginning of the morning, but it slipped as time went on. As it turns out, hectic tabling is not the best environment for carefully styled wigs! 

JSK - Teddy Chocolatier by Meta
blouse, wristcuffs & shoes - Bodyline
bag - Angelic Pretty
accessories - handmade/Twinkle Kitty Boutique, offbrand, many many bargain shops!
socks - ASDA kid's section
wig - Geisha Wigs


Haz really loves the whole aesthetic of fairy kei and decora, and I think she looks adorable in it! We don't have too much of a fairy kei wardrobe, so we make do with a lot of offbrand stuff and a lot of normie clothes that just so happen to be in pastels! We both get very excited about pastels being in fashion when they are. 

top & cardigan - offbrand/high street
wig - Pastel Doll
skirt - Bodyline
shoes & socks - Primark
accessories - Sanrio, handmade/Twinkle Kitty Boutique, offbrand, Primark, Celestial Castle, vintage

We both had a lot of fun selling at YCC, although we didn't really purchase very much because we were so swamped with people! A tiny negative all wrapped up in a neat parcel of positives. We met a lot of people who'd bought from us at other conventions, a lot of people who were wearing things they'd bought from us, and a lot of people who we recognized! I think one of the nicest things about being behind a table at a con is getting to know all the other convention regulars and making friends that way.

Thank you for reading! I hope now that we're at uni and much closer to exciting things and with a brand new community, we will be able to blog more! Just recently we did a big Swimmer Haul, we're waiting on things from Yahoo Japan, and Haz bought herself one of her dream dresses! We're also in the process of planning a Halloween meet, so watch this space! 

♥Haz & Nat♥