Tuesday, 26 May 2015

❤Catch Up Post! Yorkshire Cosplay Con, Instagram Round Up and More!~❤

We've both been dreadfully neglectful of this blog in the past few months! Forgive us for leaving it so long. It isn't so much that we've been busy (although we have both been busy!) but it's getting more and more difficult to sit down and just blast out a post. When I was first becoming interested in lolita, one of the things that drew me into the fashion was the (sadly now defunct) lolita lifestyle blog the Princess Portal. I want to regularly post things and post cute outfits and talk about our life, but with the advent of easy social media like instagram and youtube and facebook fan pages, lifestyle blogs have fallen by the sideline. It looks like we've already failed our resolution to blog more, but we shall not be too discouraged! Here's a quick catch-up post to get you up to speed on all of the events we did not manage to write a blog about.

The first thing we never got round to blogging about was our attending Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7! We attended with our little etsy store and set up what was one of the pinkest, fluffiest of stalls you can imagine! We did really well, we made some new friends, and despite a couple of things that could have been better about the convention itself, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Haz's fairy kei outfit for the day!

I took this photo from an album on facebook, here! We had some cute little ponies guarding our stall that you can't see (I wore a bunny themed coord around my Cinderella Bunny jsk! I thought seeing as it was for an event some subtle little animal ears could be justified!). 

Whilst caught up in the chaos of preparing for Yorkshire Cosplay Con, I managed to make time to make this little Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask brooch! Also, a cute bodyline jsk we got from the sales comm for an absolute steal of a price! It was packaged so cutely!

Cute and unusual flavoured gum that we got from YCC! The cotton candy one was absolutely delicious. We also went out and got crepes with some friends from our local comm! 

Sweet Marie stationary that Haz got me as a gift, plus some Disney treasures we picked up in a charity shop! The little Wendy figurine is so darling (see what I did there?), and it always makes a nice change to find things from Disney movies that aren't about princesses!

We also had a little weekend away in London to celebrate both our two year anniversary and my birthday (my actual birthday is the date of our end of year show, so nothing can really be done in celebration that day!). We booked a hotel, went to an arcade and played a lot of dance games, and to top it all off we spent the next day wandering around museums and then finally went to the Disney cafe! Haz made friends with another girl in the Disney cafe wearing J-Fashion too, heh. We got afternoon tea and we both felt very fancy having it in Harrods! 

In June we have our very last college show, The Addams Family Musical, and then we're all done until university rolls around in September! We also have a couple of local meets to look forward to as well as an International Lolita Day meet in June, and lots of chances to go out with our friends who are back from university! Hopefully this time we'll have time to sit down and blog about them.

♥Haz & Nat♥