Sunday, 25 January 2015

♥ January Lolita Meet - Afternoon Tea Party! ♥

You may remember one of our goals for 2015 was both to attend more meetups and try and wear lolita more often! Well, our local community's lolita meet was this Saturday and both of us managed to be free and be feeling up to it! Our community has only really grown in size in the past six months or so, so having an active lolita calendar is a relative novelty! We all planned on meeting up and having afternoon tea at the cutest little tea shop and our lovely host planned a quiz with some prizes for the winning team! 

Haz outfit rundown!
JSK - Lyrical Dot by Angelic Pretty
Bolero & Tights - ASDA (forever the classiest place for lolitas to shop!)
Shoes, Blouse, Wristcuffs - Bodyline
Bag - Claire's Accessories
Bow - Home Bargains (it cost 20p and is cute and really, what more can you ask for?)
Wig - Geisha Wigs

(Slightly less classy location!)

Skirt - Metamorphose
Blouse & Shoes - Bodyline
Cardigan - Charity shop
Beret - Accessorize
Glasses & Ankle Socks - eBay
Accessories - Handmade, charity shops, and a very very classy golden crown ring that we took off the top of a Gregg's cupcake!

(an image shamelessly stolen from facebook!) 

The tea rooms we went to were adorable! All of the furniture was very shabby chic and vintage and our actual tea was all served in various charmingly mismatched teapots and teacups! Haz and I both has peppermint tea; we're not really very big tea people but because of how generous the "tea for two" offer is we were both able to get about three cups each! We also had a delicious slice of cake each, and they had gluten free cake available for some of the comm members with specific dietary needs! 

We then had a lolita quiz devised by our host! The general knowledge questions I think both Haz and I struggled on, but the other questions (name a print with rabbits on! etc.) were both a lot easier, so there was definitely something for everyone! We even had some special rounds such as acting out a brand new VenusAngelic video (both of which are now preserved on video forever!). Around this time, the tearoom needed to shut down (although the lovely workers did extend their hours another half hour for us, which was super nice of them!) and we moved over to finish our quiz at Wetherspoons!

(Wetherspoons bathroom pictures!)

We finished the quiz with a game involving designing lolita coords based on specific themes (including ballet and olives!) and a team game of lolita Cards Against Humanity! Both of the teams ended up tying, but Haz and I brought a little something to contribute to the prizes as well as the prizes that our quizmaster brought, so all of us were able to walk away with little gifts! Haz and I got two cute scented candles (cinnamon stick and lavender!) that smelled divine! 

Everyone looked adorable and it was so nice to catch up with each other after the busy festive period! Next month's meet is going to be a Valentine's event, but I'm not sure if either of us will be able to make it, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long before we can get together and get frilly again! I leave you with the video that one of the other comm members made of the day!

♥Haz & Nat♥

Monday, 12 January 2015

♥ Lolita Goals & Life Goals 2015! ♥

We've both been absolutely terrible about blogging and keeping this blog updated since our last post! It's not really a case of being incredibly busy, more it is a case of us just . . . forgetting we had a blog! But we're both hoping that this will change this year, seeing as it's going to be a busy year for us both! This year we'll be auditioning for universities, attending conventions with our business, working very hard on our wardrobes and trying to squeeze in as much as possible before we officially become poor university students! 

We thought to kick off a new start and a new year for our blog, we'd do one of those irrepressible and constant posts in the blog world (and in the lolita world) - a list of New Year's Resolutions! This year we tried to get as involved with the lolita community as a whole and embrace the aesthetic as much as we could, and we hope we did a pretty good job. Without further ado, here's a list of lolita-specific resolutions we're both trying to fulfil for this year! 

  • Stop buying things just because they are cheap and might not be available again; only buy things we both really like that will fit us and fit in with our wardrobe theme cohesively. This ties in with our resolution to buy more brand and indie and less bodyline (with the exception of a couple of prints and styles we've wanted for a while!) 
  • Buy a lot more basics; blouses, tights, and boleros spring to mind before all others! I have a lot more of a collection of blouses than Haz, but I still could do with a super fancy classic/hime blouse and a good solid black blouse, and Haz has a few problems with the fit of blouses and wants to get one custom made! 
  • Get a big, good, bag that will work with most of our co-ords and will fit all of our stuff in!
  • Look at how pieces coordinate with our outfits and wardrobes before we buy them, and try and work on getting things to fit in with our colour palettes and styles! 
  • Attend more meetups and try and wear lolita at least once a month, as well as becoming more active in the online loli community. 
  • More shoes! Always, always more shoes. 
  • Try and get at least one wish list item each, whether it be something as small as an accessory or as big as an OP! 
  • Try out an indie or a taobao brand. Haz also wants to do a taobao order for basics, so experimenting with taobao is a resolution all on its own! I think we could especially do with some nice head pieces. 

General Goals 2015

We both also have a couple of things we'd like to do totally unrelated to lolita! I'm making a note of them here so we can look back at the beginning of - gulp! - 2016 and see how things went over the year!

  • Start to save money for our wedding. 
  • Dedicate a lot more time and energy to our shop; in the first half of the year we're attending Yorkshire Cosplay Con and Majjikon with Twinkle Kitty Boutique, so we really need to step up our game!
  • Get into university! This is a pretty big one. 
  • See more theatre; for musical theatre students, we spend an awful lot of money on pretty clothes and not as much as we probably should surrounding ourselves with our subject of study. . . 
  • Blog more!

Thank you all for sticking with us even through this long hiatus! We'll see you soon, hopefully! 

♥Haz & Nat♥