Saturday, 9 January 2016

♥ Lifestyle Lolita Challenge - Day 8 ♥ ~ Favourite Local Haunts! ~

I thought here we would share both some of our favourite local lolita haunts as well as some other local places that we haven't been to yet but really do intend to try out at some stage! A quick special mention to an adorable tea-room called 'My Cup of Tea' that unfortunately closed down recently; its decor was beautiful, its prices were reasonable, and everyone was always very friendly!

Although they aren't really decorated in the kind of decor you'd expect lolitas to adore or seem to have many lolita elements at all, there's a street full of mainly independent shops in Hull in which we tend to gravitate towards for local meets, and on that street are both Caffe Gelato and Planet Coffee, which are places we often find ourselves holed up and chatting! 

I couldn't find a picture of anything we've gotten from Planet Coffee (although some things we've had that we've really enjoyed include bubblegum soda floats and honeycomb milkshakes!) so here's a picture of the kind of huge portions you get from Caffe Gelato! I can't remember exactly what's on it - certainly the blue gelato is bubblegum - but doesn't it look adorable? 

A little more out of the way but still technically local is Jubilee's Vintage Tearoom, a place we haven't visited but really want to! All of the pictures we've seen look very cute and it seems very appropriate for a royal themed or regal themed meet!

Finally, another cafe we would really like to visit at some point with the comm is the 'Boardroom Game Cafe', a board game cafe opening soon in Hull! Haz and I both adore board games and we've been bemoaning the lack of a boardgame cafe in Hull for a while; hopefully we can organize a meet for us all to go to and enjoy some snacks over a game!

♥Haz & Nat♥

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