Tuesday, 5 January 2016

♥ Lolita Lifestyle Challenge - Day 4! ♥ ~ Cute Lolita Hairstyles~

I think that there are a lot of lolitas out there who fall into a rut where their hair is concerned; I know that both of us tend to! I personally am not very good with my hair - and am definitely guilty of going days without brushing it because I'm so lazy - even though I have so much of it! I know how to plait, and I know how to put my hair into a pony tail, and that's about as far as I'm prepared to go - and I'm always too afraid of messing up wigs to go too far with them!

I'm going to drop a few inspirational lolita pictures with cute hair/wigs and then drop a few YouTube channels with tutorials on them here!

I really like how the first girl doesn't have a fringe but her hair is still classy and pretty; Haz's hair is a little too fine to hold a fringe in properly and to be honest I am much too scatter-brained to keep a fringe in good order; it's something I've attempted a few times but have never been successful with! Her hair seems to be in tiny little buns beneath the two hairclips; it's cute and faintly anime-ish without being weeby! The second hairstyle is one I've always wanted to try but been afraid it would look a little silly; this absolutely inspires me to try it out!

Some of my favourite hairstyles are vintage inspired; I love rockabilly and 50s pin-up fashion and I love their hair; a YouTube channel we follow that posts a lot of those is Cherry Dollface. Here's a tutorial of hers for a vintage style bouffant with a bow that I think would be adorable with the right retro-inspired coordinate!

One of Haz's favourite YouTube channels to look at for make-up and life inspiration is Kawaii Pateen, a Japan-based YouTube channel that often has special videos by Japanese fashion celebrities! You might have seen some of their videos with Misako Aoki. Here's a video that they made called "2 Kawaii CHILDISH FAIRY Hairstyles!" I think the first hairstyle with the powder puffs is really cute (and would be cute even replaced with bows or something else of the kind!

I hope this post gave you a few cute ideas about hairstyling yourself! I plan on trying these out as soon as I can; we're away right now so it's a bit difficult to take photos, but I'm excited especially to try out the vintage style bouffant!

♥Haz & Nat♥

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