Friday, 8 January 2016

♥ Lifestyle Lolita Challenge - Day 7 ♥ ~ Favourite Little Details! ~

This one was actually pretty difficult, seeing as we're in Bristol right now away from most of our lolita wardrobe! We did bring a few pieces with us, so I'll share some details from those; Haz's favourite JSK (Toy Parade!) is still at home in Hull, and I absolutely cannot choose from all of our beauties! 

I love this adorable custom fork and spoon lace on AP's Tea Time a la Carte! 

Haz's favourite part of the dress are the little bunny shaped biscuits!

AP's Dolly Cat Special Set might be one of my favourite dresses we own; the cats have such beautiful faces! I tried to take a picture of the sweet little name plates the cats have beneath them and the cat wearing wristcuffs, but unfortunately they didn't come out too well! Still, this cat wearing a bonnet is very beautiful and elegant!

Innocent World's Night Bear is one of my favourite prints; look at the little mouse helping the bear read! It's so adorable, it kills me.

As you all know, we love cats. We also love Metamorphose and its bizarre and strange ideas for prints; this is from the Brass Band Cat skirt! I love how Meta always manage to put their name into the print without it being overly obvious that they've done it!

This has definitely been one of my favourite posts to write so far! I love staring at a new dress the first time I get it and finding all the tiny details that I never noticed when I was looking at it online. What are all of your favourite little details about your dresses?

♥Haz & Nat♥

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