Friday, 15 January 2016

♥ Lifestyle Lolita Challenge - Days 10-15! ♥

Hello all! Sorry for the brief absence in those posts, we're currently dealing with some sad family news, so here's a quick catch-up post on the days we've missed! I think most of these are quite short, so hopefully this won't be too long of a post!

Recently Haz and I have been talking about taking our first trip abroad together, and we're thinking it might be a package holiday to Disneyland Paris! Obviously, with a package holiday we won't be able to fit in any time for sight-seeing or shopping in Paris, but one day I'd very much like to visit the BTSSB store there! Living in the UK, it's not too difficult to get across the Channel to visit France, and it's definitely something we both want to do!

Themed shops and beautiful shop decors are one of our favourite things to think about! We're guilty of going into shops we don't plan on buying anything from or couldn't afford anything from just to have a quick look at all of the decor and decorations; we often talk about retiring when we're older and running a cute quirky little boutique style shop. 

We did a very quick cursory google search and watched this quick episode of How It's Made (it's very informative and relaxing to watch the machines work!), but we also went to the V&A quite recently, where they have a lot of beautiful examples of vintage and antique lace. 

My favourite example at the V&A of lace was this beautiful veil. 

As you probably know, we're not at home right now; we're staying with Haz's family in Bristol. We've done a few touristy things and a lot of visiting around places, but I'm fairly sure we ate out this day! I'm sure we had very nice plates wherever it was, though. 

I think that the essay/poem a lot of lolitas have already read is this one, It's entitled "Rules of the Lolita" and it's worth a look, if you haven't already read it. The one I read for this challenge is 'Let's Talk About Hello Kitty'. 

I asked Haz to do hers first, and she struggled a bit! The words she came up with were:

Pastel, Cutesy, Sweets, Fairytale, Storybook

In comparison, I struggled . . . a lot! Here are mine:

Cats, Pink, Bears, Pastel, Accessorized

I think that a lot of my outfits definitely fall into looking like one another; I find something that works and stick with it. I like ankle socks, I like vintage brooches, I like small understated bows. I'm working on trying to vary my style a bit more! 

I have to admit that neither Haz nor I are big scent people/perfume people. We have a 'toasted marshmallow' cheapy roomspray from Poundland that we spray sometimes, and at university we both had little diffusers in our room (Haz's was Salted Caramel, mine was Cherry!). We didn't bring any perfumes or anything with us, but I thought I would share with you our absolute favourite spray to have in our bags/around us. 

It costs £1 from Asda and it lasts ages and smells like candy floss, and honestly, what's there not to love about it.

♥Haz & Nat♥

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