Tuesday, 12 January 2016

♥ Lifestyle Lolita Challenge - Day 9 ♥ ~ Fairytale Inspired Coordinates! ~

When I was little, I had a magazine subscription to "Angelina's Fairytales", an Angelina Ballerina magazine that came with two stuffed toy mice (Angelina and her best friend Alice), an outfit you could dress them up in, and a magazine with activities themed around different fairytales. A lot of them were predictable; Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc. - but lots of them I'd never heard of and was very excited to read about! The fairytale I based my coord around I'm sure was listed in the magazine under "The Glass Heart", but the best version of it I could find online was entitled "The Three Sisters". It's about three sisters who are each born with a glass heart, and the love life of the youngest one who falls in love with a page. You can read a version of it here

The thing I actually found most difficult about putting this coordinate together was the shoes! I'm not totally happy with them, but they'll do. The dress is Mary Magdalene's Perfume Bottle JSK, which I thought was appropriate due to both the pale blue colour of the dress (which reminds me of glass!) and the fact that the print is adorned with glass objects! I went away a little from my comfort zone and put together a slightly classier coord here; obviously I had to have some representation of the princess' glass hearts, and I chose this cute pearl and crystal heart necklace! I took the brown from the ribbon and straps of the JSK for my accent colour, as I think it stands out a lot! 

The little bumblebee pin is a reference to the oldest sister, whose heart shatters on a windowsill she's leaning out of to look at a little bee buzzing around the flowers! 

What's your favourite fairytale? 

♥Haz & Nat♥

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