Thursday, 2 July 2015

☆ Lolita Desu Review! ☆ ♥Angelic Pretty and Kawaii Surprise Bag!♥

You've probably heard of Lolita Desu before, right? If not, it's a little web shop located in Japan that sells second-hand J-fashion goods from major brands like Angelic Pretty, BTSSB and Chocomint (as well as many, many others!). Their prices can be a little bit high; certainly more expensive than you'd be paying on the Japanese auctions and maybe sometimes a little bit higher than local community Facebook sales pages, but they have a really good rewards points system and often have discounts and sales going on! We ordered specifically because of one of these sales; 20% off any Angelic Pretty purchases for 24 hours! 

This was our second Lolita Desu order; we ordered previously for a few bits and pieces of items and two of the lucky packs, and the Angelic Pretty item we ordered this time was something we deliberated over for a bit; was it really worth almost £20 for a bit of plastic to go on your head? With the sale, though, we couldn't resist! We also got some Angelic Pretty stickers for a friend and a medium size lucky pack in the kawaii style, as we were really surprised by how much we liked the first one! 

We placed our order on the 23rd of June, and it arrived on the 1st of July! Our package was tracked and we were able to keep an eye on it. Altogether, we spent just over 50 USD and our shipping cost 16.20 USD. 

These are the AP items we got! A Little Bear's Cafe postcard and a "Pretty Melody" headband in black. As musical theatre students, we absolutely couldn't resist it! It's so cute (and probably versatile enough for everyday wear, heh!). We already have a Cat's Tea Party postcard that we're planning to put in a cute frame to have decorating our university rooms! Both came really well packaged and didn't suffer any damages. However, we did order three Angelic Pretty stickers for our friend and only one arrived. At the time of writing we've sent a message to Lolita Desu, but we're still waiting for a reply!

And these are the items we got in our Kawaii Lucky Pack! I won't bother listing them all here, but I was especially pleased about the cute stationary items and the cute homeware (especially the oven glove!). Most of the items seem to be Daiso, so if you're located near one of those these packs probably don't work out as good value, but we're nowhere near one and we pretty much loved everything! I was also probably much too excited about the PreCure tissues. 

Extra shot of cute stationary! I think the Jewelpets item is origami paper, but I can't quite tell! Whatever it is, it's cute and I'm sure we'll find a use for it!

As you can see, our experience (barring that sticker problem!) with Lolita Desu was pretty pleasant and we'll definitely be buying more from her! Probably more kawaii lucky packs. I think we might have a problem. 

♥Haz & Nat♥

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